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Fans Chime In On Why They Are Disappointed By Live Action Adaptations

posted on by Chris Nishijima
Survey sheds some light on what some believe to be the biggest flaws you can make when making a live action adaptation.

Among fans of a popular manga, anime, or novel series, a strange sort of tension is experienced whenever they announce that a property is going to be adapted into a live action version. Often the live-action can be okay. On rare occasions they can hit the money head on. But sometimes, things go a little less than how the fanbase would have hoped it would go.

A recent survey put out by MyNavi Woman tried to quantify just what it was exactly that causes some live action adaptations of properties to flop by asking people exactly what it was about the adaptations that they hated so much. The results weren't too much of a surprise:

  1. Casting (Voted 57.8%)
  2. Faithfulness to the original (Voted 35.6%)
  3. Bad acting (25.4%)
  4. Appearance of a previously nonexistent character
  5. Excessive or poor use of special effects

The results of the survey also included some quotes from individuals detailing their specific reasons for disliking live-action versions of movies. Reasons that went against casting choices included a 35-year-old business woman who hated the idea of "portrayals that go against the established image of certain characters" and a 27-year-old trade and finance worker that thought they often "destroy the world of the story in the adaptation." Notably, a 40-year-old hotel entertainer thought that the biggest problem he had seen of late was that of "casting some idol that I have no interest in" as a beloved character.

While it's sure to garner its own share of backlash, let's just hope that the upcoming Attack on Titan live-action movie addresses these concerns before it hits theaters. We wouldn't want to have another collective outcry like the one that occurred when Dragonball: Evolution came out, a movie that many fans voted as being the biggest live-action adaptation fail.

What are some of your biggest concerns when it comes to live-action adaptations?

[Via Hachima Kikou via NicoNico News]

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