Sneak Peek at nano.Ripe, Fo'xTails, OLDCODEX Summer 2015 Anime Themes

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Also: OLDCODEX's "Lantana" charts on Oricon

With the summer 2015 anime season on its way, studios are selecting which bands and which songs will accompany their upcoming TV shows. Here are a few (shortened) music videos for the anime set to premiere this summer.

First up is Non Non Biyori, which premiered in 2013 but will get a second season this summer. The first season's opening theme featured nano.RIPE and its song "Nanairo Biyori;" its pastoral lyrics evoke the countryside in summer and its music video shows rural schoolboys playing with water guns, eliciting the lazy, uncomplicated tone of Non Non Biyori. nano.RIPE returns this year for the second season, and the band hopes the new opening theme, "Kodama Kotodama," will conjure the spirit of the show as well. Rie Murakawa (who plays Hotaru) returns for this music video as well, portraying a girl wandering in the Japanese countryside for some reason. The second season premieres on July 6 while the single will be released on July 22.

Junjō Romantica, which premiered in 2008, returns for a third season this summer, and its opening theme will be Fo'xTails' second single, "Innocent Graffiti." The band debuted with the ending theme of the third season of Kuroko's Basketball, "GLITTER DAYS." The "Innocent Graffiti" single will go on sale on July 22, while the third season of Junjō Romantica premieres on July 8.

On the topic of Kuroko's Basketball, that anime's current ending theme, "Lantana," entered the June 9th Oricon Single Daily Ranking, the Japanese music industry's daily sales chart. It is the 10th single for OLDCODEX, who have also performed the ending themes "CATALRHYTHM" and "WALK" for Kuroko's Basketball. OLDCODEX will perform at Kurobas Cup 2015, a Kuroko's Basketball fan event, on September 20.

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