Ultraman Transforms Into Salamander in Artist's Statue

posted on by Carlos Cadorniga

The titanic kaiju-bashing hero Ultraman has unlocked a new form!

...Well, not really. But he has been given a new look!

Tweet: "Finally took this photo!"

Ultraman has been re-imagined as a tiny salamander statue courtesy of artist and Ultraman fan Yuki Inoue. It was recently featured as part of an art exhibition in Takashimaya, Shibuya known as "Modern Anthropomorphism," that ran from March 25 to April 6.

Inoue received special permission from Tsuburaya Production, the studio that created Ultraman, to sculpt the piece. It was featured on the Tsuburaya website along with official art of the Ultraman Salamander in Ultraman's iconic transformation pose.

Inoue is known for employing the salamander motif in his art pieces. He has several such statues depicting salamanders within several aspects of Japanese culture such as theatrical Kabuki, Shinto gods and even as oiran, or Japanese courtesans.

[Via Kai-You]

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