Final Fantasy VII: The Series Proof of Concept Video Recreates Game Scenes in Live-Action

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Live-action fan series have gotten more attention lately with the Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope pilot and The Zelda Project. Director Roth Rind, PermaGrin Films, and the Rind-Raja Picture Company are joining in with their own live-action Final Fantasy VII project.

The team released a proof of concept video for Final Fantasy VII: The Series to show how Roth and crew always imagined the original PlayStation video game when they played it in 1997. The video stars Brandon Wardle as the protagonist Cloud Strife, Gary Nohealii as Sephiroth, Brandon Alexander Johnson as Barret Wallace, Alyson Chung as Tifa Lockhart, Connie Jo Sechrist as Aerith Gainsborough, Ian Boisvert as Rufus Shinra, and Joelle Nyquist as Marlene Wallace.

The group is also streaming a behind-the-scenes video showing how the proof of concept was made.

The channel also hosts six web series videos, including a mock commercial for Shinra Energy.

Fan fervor over Final Fantasy VII reached a new high last month when Square Enix confirmed that the long-anticipated remake was finally in the works for PlayStation 4.

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