Check Out This Amazing Teaser for a Fan-Made Live-Action Legend of Zelda Short Film

posted on by Bamboo Dong

We've seen our fair share of live-action fan tributes over the years, but the good ones never cease to amaze us. Cue "The Zelda Project," a labor of love many years in the making that includes a fan-made Legend of Zelda short film called "The Final Battle," photos, and a music video with Player:Piano.

by Jan-Michael Losada

"The Final Battle" shows Link riding to the ruins of Castletown to take on Ganondorf. Just the teaser alone is amazing, with its sweeping landscapes, slick CG, and even a horse.

Be sure to check out the project's website for more information and some great photos.

by Indigo Verse Photography

[Via Kotaku, Hachima Kikou]

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