Mikasa Meets Godzilla in Fan's Stop-Motion, CG Short

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Jordan Tseng combined the worlds of stop-motion animation and computer graphics to create an impressive, action-packed Attack on Titan short. While Moonshine Animation created a stop-motion Attack on Titan video in 2013 starring their anime figures battling one another, Tseng introduces Mikasa to an iconic monster on a much larger scale.

Unfortunately the video ends before the fight gets started. In the video's description, Tseng mentions that the composting stage was very time-consuming and it's unlikely for another episode to get made without actual funding.

Earlier this year, Tseng released another stop-motion video staring Fate/stay night's Archer and Saber. The pair are on a date but Saber get annoyed when Archer won't get off his phone.

[Via Design & Trends]

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