Let This Cuddly US$450 Snorlax Pillow Block Your Path

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No flute in the world could wake up this sleeping giant. In fact, this cushion is so large, Premium Bandai titled it "Zettai ni Okirarenai Kabigon Cushion" or "The Snorlax Cushion That Will Never Wake Up." When standing, Snorlax measures 150cm tall (5ft) and 130cm wide (51in). The hefty Pokémon weighs 12kg (26.5lbs). Most adults and children could probably curl up comfortably on his plush belly.

Bringing Snorlax home won't empty your fridge but it might empty your wallet. Pre-orders opened on Friday for 52,000 yen (US$457). Orders will ship in August.

A giant Snorlax couch went on sale in 2014 for less than US$300. A pillow was also made but measured only 19cm (7.5in) across.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun's Mantan Web

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