Harness the Power of Science in Upcoming 2-D Fighting Game

posted on by Eric Stimson
Game pits famous scientists against each other, gods

Scientists may be stereotyped as nerdy, bookish weaklings in the popular media. But what if famous scientists could actually use their inventions or discoveries to fight? A Brazilian fighting game under development explores these possibilities.

Science Kombat will pit scientists across history against each other. Sure, they have the usual fighting game abilities, as demonstrated with Isaac Newton below.

But they also have special abilities related to their scientific discoveries or theories. Newton will have the ability to summon an apple, in reference to a famous story about how he came to understand gravity.

He can also attack you with rays of light, in reference to his research in optics.

Since Albert Einstein discovered the relationship between mass and energy, he can attack you with energy converted from something he picks off the ground.

And his theory of relativity also allows him to shoot across the screen.

Charles Darwin, who proposed the theory of evolution, releases peppered moths from his coat, as a reference to a famous demonstration of natural selection.

Darwin can also "evolve" into a modern man via our ape-like ancestors — and deliver a headbutt.

Pythagoras, who discovered a famous theorem about the sides of right triangles, traces the shape of a right triangle himself in his attack.

Nikola Tesla seems to have taken his research into electricity into destructive territory: he brings out a death ray.

Marie Curie can use the radioactive properties of radium to fend off her opponents.

Even Stephen Hawking, the disabled physicist who theorized black holes, has a trick up his sleeve: a wormhole to transport him across the screen.

The final boss, the "Divinity," will apparently take the form of gods like Ganesha or Thor. Apparently religion and science just can't get along.

Science Kombat is being developed by Diego Sanches for Super Interessante, a magazine that teaches scientific concepts in an understandable manner.

[Via Kai-You and Behance]

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