Hideki Kamiya Interested in Making Ōkami Sequel

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Game celebrates its 10th anniversary

The PlayStation 2 game Ōkami, hailed at the time for its artistry and compelling gameplay, reached the 10th anniversary of its initial release in Japan on April 20. Ken'ichirō Yoshimura, the game's lead character designer, posted this commemorative artwork on Twitter.

Hideki Kamiya, the game's director, marveled at how recently he had marked the 10th anniversary of an earlier game, Viewtiful Joe (which was released in 2003). He then tweeted, "I'd like to make a sequel to Ōkami while I'm alive."

Ōkami's composer, Rei Kondoh, also celebrated the occasion. "I'll be in the studio after this so I can't write much, but it's 10 years since Ōkami was released. Congratulations. For me, also, it's a particularly meaningful work. Even now, Chibiterasu is in my studio."

Fans also expressed their appreciation of Ōkami by sharing their artwork and creations with the game's designers.

Hideki Kamiya is active on Twitter and is generally aggressive towards those he considers pesky. He got into a bit of trouble in January when he ran a stop signal.

Sources: Ken'ichirō Yoshimura, Hideki Kamiya and Rei Kondoh Twitter

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