Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya Not Pleased After He's Caught Running Stop Signal

posted on 2016-01-23 19:45 EST by Eric Stimson
Vents frustration on Twitter

Hideki Kamiya, the designer of popular games like Bayonetta, Okami and Viewtiful Joe who works at PlatinumGames, had an unfortunate run-in with the law on January 21. According to a bitter post on his Twitter account, Kamiya ran a stop signal on his bike, but was caught "by the police" thanks to media cameras. (According to a later post, he was surrounded by five of them). Not only did this make him late for work, but he was apparently confronted by a "stupid asshole disheveled-looking Yomiuri Shimbun reporter" who kept taking pictures of him. Kamiya asked him not to use the photos because they're a "nuisance." His wife also "fell prey" to the security cameras immediately afterward.

Kamiya has developed a reputation for cranky and cocky posts on his Twitter account, sometimes in English. He is known especially for frequently blocking irritating accounts and for his hostile response to Kotaku editor Luke Plunkett over an article that referred to him as "clueless about PC gaming."

[Via Hachima Kikō; Image from Twitter]

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