Kanō Sisters to Promote Ensemble Stars! in Commercials

posted on by Eric Stimson
Can you guess which idol they'll choose to produce?

Kyōko and Mika Kanō, a Japanese celebrity duo, will promote the male idol game Ensemble Stars! in two commercials beginning on May 1. One of them will feature the glamorous duo at a press conference after being appointed producers, and another will show them daydreaming about men.

Which of the good-looking young idols will the sisters choose? The official Ensemble Stars! Twitter account (@ensemble_stars) will post pictures with clues. If a picture gets retweeted 5,000 times, more hints will follow. If you can figure out the characters' identities, post your guess with the hashtags #恭子さんが選んだのは or #美香さんが選んだのは ("Kyōko chooses," "Mika chooses"). Multiple guesses are O.K. Those who guess correctly will get a "special present."

The Kanō sisters are celebrities known for dispensing lifestyle advice on TV and in magazines and for preferring nude photo shoots. In 2008 they starred in their very own anime, Abunai Sisters, about fictionalized versions of themselves who "discipline the wicked men of the world." Ensemble Stars! has been adapted into novels and will also get an anime and stage adaptation.

Sources: Nijimen, Ensemble Stars! official site and New York Times: Stephanie Strom

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