Free Visual Novel Stars Characters with Scribbles for Faces

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Protagonist has memory loss, psychological issues

Visual novels and dating sims are a very common genre in Japan, leading some developers to experiment with wacky premises like dating pigeons. The free visual novel chaos pastel orange has been attracting attention on social media for its distinctive art style and tone.

"Hel, the man-eating bird! In philosophy, the bird of judgment turns people into eggs of memory."

The protagonist was orphaned in an accident and raised by his grandparents. His childhood memories have also been lost, and disconcertingly, his friends' faces now only appear as something a toddler would draw with a crayon. Despite telling himself to get over it, he can't help but develop a complex and finds himself unable to turn his friends down.

"Let go!"

The game is described as a "tale of school romance and growing up" and a "landmark gal game like an eraser that can't erase." It has received good reviews for its art and writing, although it is also compared more with psychological thrillers and suspense stories than a typical romance. The story involves several mysteries and foreshadowing.

Note in upper-right: "Remember... your sin?"

chaos pastel orange was originally posted in November 2013 and was advertised on 2channel's creator bulletin board. It is available for download here (Japanese and Windows only); due to violent content, it is recommended for ages 15 and up.

If you prefer more conventional, if still wonky, facial designs, perhaps you'd be interested in Gakuen Handsome. For other bizarre romantic games, see The List.

Sources: Kai-You and Freem!

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