Skyrim Player Uses Potato Pieces as Controller

posted on by Eric Stimson
Takes "playing with your food" to whole new level

If you're looking for unusual ways to improve your gameplay experience (or just ramp up the difficulty), here's a unique idea: use a potato to play it. That's how The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim player BOOM, LLC Robotater did it — although only for about five minutes.

If you're curious how this works, Robotater also provided a helpful guide on Steam. You need a Makey Makey kit, which lets you plug "fruit[s], vegetable[s], metal object[s] or electrolyte solution[s]" into a circuit board, as well as duct tape to strap exposed wire to your finger. But it looks like it'll take a lot of practice to handle intense combat this way.

DOOM has also been modified to be played by piano and toasters. Because why not?!

Source: Game*Spark

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