ThinkGeek's Twitchy Kitty Cat Ears & Tail Purrfect for Cosplay

posted on by Amanda Ellard
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ThinkGeek's newest releases include a little something special for cosplayers and cat-lovers alike. The Twitchy Kitty Electronic Tail and matching cat ears boasts automated movement that mimics a real cat. The clip-on, battery-powered black tail "swishes back and forth to express your emotions" and the remote-controlled, headband ears "let you share your emotion through your ears, the same way cats do."

The Twitchy Kitty Cat Tail, controlled by an on/off switch on the battery pack/clip, only curls side to side, but the Twitchy Kitty Animatronic Ears set's remote control, connected by a wire to the headband and spouting a belt clip, includes eight preset action sequences to go along with different emotions and reactions.

While the affordable Twitchy Kitty pieces are perfect for cosplay or Halloween, ThinkGeek makes sure to state that they do not read brainwaves, like Neurowear's Necomimi Brainwave-Controlled Cat Ears. Neurowear's ears made quite a stir a few years ago with its claim that by putting on the headset, the motorized ears will actually react to your thoughts and emotions by moving around.

The electronic tail (US$34.99) and cat ears (US$29.99) are available for order on ThinkGeek's website.

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