Pokémon Trading Card Game Launches Throwback Website

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The Pokémon Trading Card Game celebrated its 20th anniversary last month. Leading up to the event, the game got booster packs featuring the original packaging design, throwback commercials in Japan and a book collecting the original artwork from the game.

The English side is also celebrating with a painfully accurate 1990s-style website. Clicking the launch link starts a dial-up modem sound effect before opening a website full of eye-jarring gifs, ugly tables, and color-highlighted fonts. If you had an anime fanpage in the 90s, it probably looked like this. If you hadn't delved into fandom on the internet yet, well you can appreciate being young enough to have skipped a once very unattractive internet.

[Via Christopher Graf at GamEspresso]

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