your name Inspires New Relationships with Matchmaking Events

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Osaka gathering scheduled for November 12

The hit anime film your name has been tearing up the Japanese box office for weeks, partially through its story's multiple-demographic appeal. Machicon Japan, an initiative by the company Linkbal, Inc., is taking advantage of this by organizing two events that bring your name fans together to share their thoughts and feelings about the movie and, hopefully, make new friends.

Attendees receive these complimentary notepads.

The events are restricted to those over the age of 20 (ages are checked) and those who appreciate the film. Otherwise, participants are free to come alone or in a group, wearing whatever they like. (The website estimates about 70% of the participants at these events are newcomers.) The conversation topic naturally is your name: what you liked about it, your favorite characters or scenes, particular interpretations, etc. (spoilers are expected). Seats are also rotated on occasion to ensure participants keep meeting new people. Games are also on the agenda (a team quiz and a braid game), and participants can enjoy an all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffet.

The Tokyo event, at Baru & Dining [Gohan] in Shinjuku, already occurred on November 5; interested fans will have to go to the Osaka event on November 12 from 11:30 AM to 3 PM at the No Name Cafe (pictured above) in Namba. The registration fee is 5,900 yen ($57) for men, 3,900 yen ($38) for women. There is enough space for 100 participants.

Other anime-related matchmaking events include regular get-togethers at Washinomiya Shrine of Lucky Star fame and several Neon Genesis Evangelion-themed mixers. Your name has become something of a social phenomenon in Japan, inspiring trailer parodies, anime pilgrimages and guides to recreating Mitsuha's hairstyle.

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