Street Fighter V Jumps In Ring with Red Bull BC One Breakdancers

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Red Bull's annual BC One breakdancing tournament will take place in Nagoya's Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium on December 3 this year. To celebrate the event and pump up enthusiasm, the usual breakdancers are joined in advertising by other characters with a flair for smooth, athletic movement: the Street Fighter V roster.

Red Bull cans will also be sold in Japan with Street Fighter's Ryu and Taisuke, Japan's competitor in this year's BC One.

Street Fighter fans can get their hands on more promotional goodies through a LINE campaign. By logging onto Red Bull's account, writing 一番強いヤツは誰だ ("Who is the strongest?," the motto of the campaign), and sending a picture of a Red Bull receipt, you win a special costume for Ryu (PlayStation 4 version only); or you could win this cap:

Ten will be awarded each day.

With a receipt for two cans, you could win one of these:

One prize will be awarded each day.

And with three cans? You could win a pair of tickets for the BC One tournament itself. The campaign lasts until December; winners are announced each day at 5 PM.

Street Fighter V has also collaborated with the Japanese Sumo Association and the Japan Cup horse race.

Source: Red Bull BC One official website

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