Zoo Ends 1st Kemono Friends Campaign, but Grape-kun & Humboldt Are Forever

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Kemono Friends' popular collaboration with Tobu Zoo has come to a close. The character panels put up throughout the park were removed on Sunday but one visitor noticed that the Humboldt penguin cut-out was still in the penguin enclosure.

Readers invested in the saga of Grape-kun, the zoo's 20-year-old male Humboldt penguin, and his new found love for the Kemono Friends' Humboldt penguin counterpart can rest easy knowing that even though the collaboration is over, the two were not separated.

Grape-kun drew attention when staff found him gazing longingly at the cutout for hours at a time and even displaying what some thought was a courtship pose.

Tobu Zoo, and others participating in the Kemono Friends collaboration, had a marked increase in visitors during the Golden Week holidays thanks to the show's fans. This collaboration's end is only temporary, as Tobu Zoo will join the growing line-up of animal parks with Kemono Friends night tours. That collaboration will start at Tobu Zoo on July 15 and run until September 3.

During the new event, the character cutouts will be in zoo's "Heartful Garden" area and illuminated during the evening. A new zoo guide, or "onee-san" will join the staff for the tour to discuss insects like fireflies.

The zoo's kiosks will sell Kemono Friend character pin badges of Eurasian eagle-owl, Humboldt penguin, raccoon, white tiger, and hippopotamus.

Source: Comic Natalie via Yara-on!

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