Ai Mai Mi Manga Creator Hints Splatoon 2 as Cause of Series Delay

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Manga creator Choboraunyopomi has several successful series on their belt, including the slapstick comedy Ai Mai Mi and Magical Somera-chan and the four-panel comedy spin-off DanMachi 4-Koma: Somosomo Dungeon ni Moguru no ga Machigaide wa Nai Darou ka (DanMachi 4-Panel: Isn't it Wrong to Go into the Dungeon in the First Place?). They were set to launch their new series Piko Piko Game Onsen in Weekly Famitsu magazine on August 31, but the periodical's editor-in-chief announced the launch was not going according to plan. The cause? Splatoon 2.

Editor-in-chief Katsuhiko Hayashi shared Choboraunyopomi's apology in the same way that he received it, with an accompanying image from Splatoon 2. It reads:

Thank you very much for all of your hard work. My new series, Piko Piko Game Onsen, was supposed to begin on August 31, but due to unavoidable circumstances, I was not able to complete the manuscript by the deadline. As a result, I am unable to piggy-back on the prestige of the wonderful commemorative 1500th issue of Famitsu, and for that I am truly, eternally apologetic. Because I'm so overcome with remorse, please don't try to contact me for a while.
Well then, if you will excuse me.

From the sounds of the apology, there's no guessing how long it will take for the first chapter of Piko Piko Game Onsen to actually get finished.

[Via Yara-on!, Crunchyroll]

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