Stock Investment Service Taps Horror Manga for Collaboration

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge, Jennifer Sherman

The stock investment service "Oretachi Kabu no Shoshinsha!" (We Are Stock Beginners!) is participating in a rather extreme collaboration with the horror manga Hazureta Minna no Atama no Neji. The manga has nothing to do with stock investment. Instead, it's about a girl named Misaki who realizes everyone living in her city is a bit nuts. There's also a demon named Beherin that only she can see. Slowly, her dread deepens as she wonders what she can believe.

The stock investment collaboration stars the same character but is instead called Kowa Kabu (Scary Stock). The horror manga's goal is to inform website visitors about both stock investments and virtual currency. Unlike normal manga, the online collaboration manga includes movement, sound effects, and voice recordings to create a "fear experience."

In the sample pages above from both chapters of the collaboration manga, the stock price of Kabushiki Gaisha Yami (Darkness Company) is gaining attention because of its maximum allowable single-day gains. Misaki sees an opportunity to profit. On another page, someone explains to Misaki that a virtual currency called Misaki Coin is popular in the town. People can earn the currency by scaring Misaki, and then they can spend Misaki Coins like cash at shops.

Yohsuken launched the original manga on Comic Smart's free manga website Ganma! in 2015. The fourth volume shipped on Monday.

Oretachi Kabu no Shoshinsha previously worked with Norifusa Mita's Investor Z manga series.

Source: Comic Natalie

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