Full-Size Hatsune Miku Robot Could Be Next YouTube Sensation

posted on 2018-01-22 17:45 EST by Lynzee Loveridge

It would be an easier question to ask what isn't Hatsune Miku. The virtual idol is winning racecar mascot, has appeared via hologram both inside and outside devices and she's a reoccurring muse for roboticists. Volks used the character to design a two-foot tall moving robot, but Nihon University student "Missile" is upping the ante with a full-size version.

Missile displayed his prototype at the third Robodex event in Shinjuku on January 17-19. The event is open to "everything robots" and this Hatsune Miku is no exception. Standing at the same height at Missle, she has about 50 servo motors throughout her whole body. Her articulation is pretty impressive, as she's able to individually move or point each finger.

The robot moves using motion capture technology as seen in the above video. Missile is wearing the motion-capture equipment which is then replicated by the Miku robot. The robot uses the internet, either connected or via wireless, to receive the input information.

Missile began developing the robot 10 years ago and has since created two versions. The latest version, Unit 2, was brought to Robodex. Besides motion capture, users can also "see" through Miku's field of vision using virtual reality technology.

After making headway with his robotics tech, Missile decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Campfire for the "Life-Size, Pretty Girl Robot Production Plan." The campaign is a success so far, having raised 3.6 million yen (US$32,500) or 119% of its goal. The campaign's success was enough to let Missile move forward with the third iteration of his life-size robots, named Rei Adachi. He hopes with this version, the 160cm robot will have intricate facial expressions, be able to talk, sing, and walk. Missile has tested walking with Unit 2, as seen in the video below.

If Missile's robot dreams come true, he hopes that his robots will be used to entertain the public, like a virtual YouTuber.

Source: RoboStart

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