JoJo Fans Take on DIO's Maze at J-World

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Dio's Mansion in Cairo can take on a new set of victims at the J-World indoor theme park. Visitors can enter Dio's darkened maze, guided only by the voice of D'Arby the Younger. Visitors can attempt to navigate the maze solo or in groups with up to four members. Both Dio or Jotarō ending awaits anyone who successfully makes it through the maze.

The attraction will also host mini-games named after the series, like "Rushing! F-MEGA Dice Boost," a recreation of the video game Kakyoin plays against D'Arby the Younger. The game awards Kakyoin-centric prizes to the winners. The top prize is a pillow depicting Kakyoin's meme-worthy cherry eating.

A second mini-game "Terrence no Moshikashite Oraora desu ka!?" (Is Terrance by any chance Oraora?!) has chibi-styled character prizes.

The park is also serving a collaboration menu of food and drinks with free illustrations for customers that purchase at least 1,000 yen worth of food. The menu's crowning achievement is the Dio's Bed Sandwich, which promises that the vampire is totally not scary and wants to be your friend.

Other merchandise includes large blankets of both Dio and Jotarō, acrylic stands, badges, lanyards, and clear files.

Source: Comic Natalie

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