Nico Nico Chōkaigi Attendees Destroy Takeshobo, King Records Buildings at Pop Team Epic Booth

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

They weren't lying, the Pop Team Epic crew brought Takeshobo and King Records with them to Nico Nico Chōkaigi and allowed visitors to discretely destroy each company on the show floor. Images from the event revealed that the Pop Team Epic booth had two foam skyscrapers, one available on each day, that visitors could pull sections off of to dismantle the buildings. The buildings were labeled "Takeshobo" and "King Records" and they gradually crumbled as sections were removed and placed in the trash.

Last year, the anime set up a booth at Winter Comiket and sold New Year's sets that included a lump of concrete. The booth claimed the piece of concrete was part of manga publisher Takeshobo's building. The series has a running gag where Popuko and Pipimi attempt to destroy the publisher, usually represented by bamboo shafts in business suits.

[Via Yara-on!]

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