Enjoying Drop Kick on my Devil!? Staff Urge Viewers to Buy Home Video Releases for 2nd Season

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Drop Kick on my Devil! is a supernatural comedy where one gothic lolita-clad college student and witch Yurine Hanazono summons the demon Jashin straight from Hell. The partnership isn't remotely beneficial and Jashin spends most of her days trying to murder Yurine so she can return back to homeland of fire and brimstone. Over the course of the series more monster girls are introduced, including a fallen angel, minotaur, and other demons.

Nomad is animating the single season anime for a total of 12 episodes. The official Twitter account for the anime series offered a solution for fans who are hoping to see more of the supernatural crew. The account posted a 15-second ad for the first upcoming Blu-ray and DVD boxset with the added message that if enough of the box sets are sold, the staff could make a sequel.

The anime's first six episodes will come in first box set slated for release on October 29. The Blu-ray box set costs 19,000 yen (US$170) and the DVD box set costs 17,000 yen (US$150). Its physical benefits will include jacket artwork drawn by original creator Yukiwo, a 10-age comic also drawn by Yukiwo, and a version of the pamphlet handed out at a Drop Kick on my Devil! event in May. Video bonuses include full footage of the event, the first part of a female pro-wrestler collaboration, a credit-free opening sequence, and an illustration collection with commentary. It also includes a soundtrack CD, original limited edition goods, and a priority application ticket for a special event.

Amazon Prime Video is currently streaming Drop Kick on my Devil on Mondays. The first episode premiered in Japan on July 9.

Source: Drop Kick on My Devil! Twitter account via Yara-on!

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