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This is the House That BL Built: Magazine Uses Hot Guys to Teach Architecture

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

How's your knowledge on the complex inner workings of building design? Most of us are familiar, at least visually, with buttresses, arches, balconies, and columns and can maybe discern a Queen Anne from a Colonial Revival home. If you're looking to dig real deep into architecture terminology but feel intimidated to get started, the October issue of Kenchiku Chishiki (Architectural Knowledge) has created an explainer centered around boys-love imagery by popular illustrators.

Each page opens with a question and than proceeds to explain the answer in both text and with anthropomorphic guys representing the architectural components. For instance, one page asks "What's the difference between wagoya (Japanese cottage) style and noboribari (ascending beam) style?" (pictured below, right) and another explains how to make "safe and beautiful" stairs

The book's illustrations were drawn by Kunimitsu (Touken Ranbu), Hakuseki (Vocaloid art), Sowichi (LayereD Stories 0), and Tōya Onoda (Rejet projects).

The book comes one year after Kenchiku Chishiki's popular bishōjo architecture book. Anthropomorisization is a popular tool for information texts in Japan. Everything from atomic particles to Christian denominations have been reimagined as people to help teach newcomers.

Source: Amazon.jp via Nijimen

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