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: 少年愛 【しょうねん-あい】
The Japanese words "shōnen" and "ai" individually mean "boy" and "love," which is exactly what shōnen-ai means, boy-love. It refers to anime and manga that focus on love and romance (as opposed to sex) between boys or men (typically bishōnen). The euphemistic Japanese borrowing of the English translation of this phrase, "boys love," is now used instead of shōnen-ai by publishers and fans alike in Japan.

Some boys-love is pornographic but much of it is not. Examples of boys-love include Gravitation, Seimaden, Earthian, and Mirage of Blaze.

Of late, it has become increasingly popular in North America for boys-love titles to be labelled "yaoi," both by fans and distributors.

See also: shōjo-ai, yaoi, yuri

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