Crunchyroll Adds Content Warning to Goblin Slayer 1st Ep

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The first episode of White Fox's adaptation of Kumo Kagyu's light novel series Goblin Slayer debuted on Crunchyroll on October 6 to wide-eyed reactions. The dark fantasy series opens with a 15-year-old girl going out on her first guild mission into the lair of a group of goblins, monsters that terrorize the human population. The guild, made up of women, are hoping to rescue a group of girls kidnapped by the goblins. Upon entering the monsters den, the characters and viewers are confronted with graphic scenes of violent rape, murder, and infanticide.

In the world of Goblin Slayer, goblins can only propagate their species with female humans. This introduces the in-world reasoning for the violent attacks female characters suffer at the hands of goblins. Viewers unfamiliar with the anime's source material were likely caught off guard by the graphic sexual violence; the series' promotional art suggested the series to be yet another fantasy adventure starring a typical party: a warrior, priestess, archer, and shaman.

Viewers relayed their concerns to Crunchyroll who responded on Twitter on Thursday and announced that the episode now contains a content warning.

Many of you have reached out to us about the graphic nature of Goblin Slayer. Thank you. We've added a warning to the episode and are building better practices in providing information you need to make decisions about what to watch. We would like to apologize to anyone who encountered the episode and was disturbed. Thank you for sharing your concerns with us.

Crunchyroll has added content warnings to other anime in the past, including Berserk and Attack on Titan.

Source: (Megan Peters)

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