Relive Your Favorite Attack on Titan Lines With Karuta Card Game

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Karuta refers to traditional Japanese card games. Anime fans may know about "poetry karuta" from the hit anime and manga series Chihayafuru. The idea of that game is matching sounds spoken aloud to lines of famous Japanese poetry written on cards. That basic style of play can be adapted to many different texts, including famous lines of dialog from a hit anime series.

That's right, Attack on Titan is getting its own set of karuta cards. The idea is that you play as a member of the 104th Cadet Corps training to take down Titans. What better way to develop your reflex skills than to play competitive karuta, a game that is infamous for developing lightning fast reaction times among its serious players?

The lines are taken from key moments in the anime series, like Eren's "I'll exterminate you!" and Levi's "That isn't nearly good enough. Redo the whole thing." (The second line is from the cleaning scene in episode 15 of season 1.)

The card game set will come with a key holder shaped like ones of the swords.

Tokyo Otaku Mode will be releasing the card set in Japan. The pre-order period is between November 5-30, and the item is expected to ship in early December. The set will cost 2,678 yen (including tax).

Source: Tokyo Otaku Mode via Nijimen

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