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Voice Actor Fukushi Ochiai Recounts Upsetting Encounter with Police

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Police asked for proof that his daughter was his when they were playing in the park

Voice actor Fukushi Ochiai (Moguzo from Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions, Andō Morinari from Ninja Girl & Samurai Master) recounted an incident he experienced with the police on Twitter. In a tweet posted on June 7, he linked to a news article about a man who was treated as a suspicious person by the police simply because he was taking a rest on a park bench by himself. Ochiai commented that he himself had a similar experience: a policeman once questioned him when he was in a park playing with his eldest daughter.

According to Ochiai, the policeman asked him for proof that his daughter was his. Ochiai said, "She calls me papa. Isn't that proof enough?" to which the policeman replied that it was just what a child would say. Ochiai panicked because he did not have his ID with him at the time, although fortunately he had pictures of himself and his daughter on his cell phone.

Ochiai speculated that, as in the incident described in the article, the person who reported him to the police was probably someone from the mother's group surrounding him from a distance. He tweeted: "It was absolutely depressing."

Ochiai had his first daughter in 2014. He had his second child in 2016.

Source: Fukushi Ochiai's Twitter account via Hachima Kikō

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