Matador Takes on Comiket's 'Running of the Otaku'

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Throwing safety concerns aside, otaku sprint out of Tokyo's Kokusai-Tenjijō Station twice yearly after arriving on the first train of the day to Tokyo Big Sight for Comiket. One man decided to brave the torrent of enthusiastic fans in a comedic attempt to direct them to the subway. Twitter user @monju238 captured the moment when an unidentified man dressed as a matador and wielding an anime flag stood between the ticket gate and the subway. He waved his flag at the fast-paced Comiket attendees like a bullfighter directing a bull.

Security didn't seem concerned about his hijinks. Other jokesters have pulled similar stunts. Another man dressed as a Platelet from Cells at Work! waved a yellow flag at otaku last year.

The first day of Comiket 96 in Tokyo drew about 160,000 attendees on Friday. Comiket 96 has expanded to a record four days, from August 9 to August 12. The event is also being held across two locations. The organizers of the event have implemented a policy for this event where attendees must purchase a wristband for 500 yen (about US$4.60) to be able to attend the event each day. The wristband color will change daily.

Source: Monju238 on Twitter via Otakomu

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