Cloverworks Animates Touhou Cannonball Game's Opening

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Quatro A and Aniplex's upcoming mobile game Touhou Cannonball will include an opening sequence animated by Cloverworks and directed by Satoshi Yamaguchi. The game's official Twitter account began streaming the opening on Tuesday. Aniplex is also began streaming the opening on Tuesday.

Yamaguchi directed the opening as well as provided the character designs and key animation. Yamaguchi has worked as an animation director for THE [email protected] franchise and as a character designer for the When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace anime series. Kazuko Nakashima provided the color design, Tsubasa Kanamori was the director of photography, and Akinori Mishima edited the opening sequence.

Touhou Cannonball is a MMO board game set for release this year. The game will star Akari Kitō as Reimu Hakurei and Minami Iinuma as Marisa Kirisame. Quatro A is developing and managing the project, and Aniplex is in charge of planning.

Team Shanghai Alice released the first game in the series of "bullet hell" (danmaku) shooters, Highly Responsive to Prayers, in 1995 on the PC-98 platform. Since then, the Touhou Project series has spawned 15 other main games, multiple spin-offs, and many fan-made derivative works based on characters and stories from the series. Playism, NIS America, and XSEED have released some of the fan-made games based on the franchise.

ZUN revealed in April 2019 that he was developing the 17th main installment in the series titled Touhou Kikeijū: Wily Beast and Weakest Creature.

Source: Animate Times

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