Sword Art Online Editor is Writing His Own Web Novel

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Former Dengeki Bunko editor-in-chief and A Certain Magical Index and Sword Art Online editor Kazuma Miki has been dipping his toes into writing novels himself. On February 10, he started publishing a web novel on the online novel website "Shōsetsuka ni Narō." The story is titled Cheat no Ō: Isekai Tensei no Saikyō Yūsha VS Mura no Jūnin (The Cheat King: The Strongest Hero Reincarnated in Another World VS A Villager), and an abridged synopsis is translated as follows:

What if...

Instead of being the overpowered protagonist reincarnated into another world (the cheat side), you're one of those people whose lives are trampled on (the side being cheated)...?

Yuri is a young boy from a certain village and an aspiring soldier. If he keeps up his diligent hard work, he may even be able to pass the test to become a member of the imperial knights. But one day, his village becomes a sea of fire. Yuri is attacked by the "shadow" that killed his family. In the face of such uncanny and overwhelming power, he cannot make a single dent.

Later, he discovers that these "shadows" were invincible beings reincarnated from a different world called "modern Japan," armed with the strongest bonus specs.

Having narrowly avoided death, Yuri swears to defeat the mysterious "shadow." To do that, he borrows the power of the god of darkness lurking in this world's abyss. He obtains the power of "immortality" - no matter how many times he dies, he'll rise again.

His sworn enemy is called "the hero." So he'll become "the demon king."

The most recent update was on March 7.

Miki also wrote his own collaboration story for Sword Art Online in February to celebrate the 10th anniversary since the light novel's publication.

Kazuma Miki is currently the head of Straight Edge, an IP and talent managing company. He is also the managing editor of LINE Novel, an online service where users can publish novels online through the LINE app.

Source: Kazuma Miki's Twitter account

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