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Seal Your Documents With a Mimic Chomping on Frieren

posted on by Ken Iikura-Gross
You'll want to check if it can be used on official documents

One of the most common ways to authenticate an official document, such as contracts and letters, in the United States is with a signature. In Japan, however, it's customary to use a personalized seal (called a hanko) in place of a signature. These hanko generally have a small diameter, use red ink, and are used on all manner of documents. Most are plain looking, but some can have fun designs. What better way to have fun with your hanko than with a Frieren: Beyond Journey's End-themed seal? The X (formerly Twitter) account for Itaindou announced 11 unique Frieren-themed hanko and a few hanko cases in late December 2023.

Image via Itaindou

\TV anime #葬送のフリーレン [Frieren: Beyond Journy's End] Ita-in stamp release 🎊/

11 Ita-in including Freiren, Fern, Stark, Himmel, and more Will be in the lineup!
Additionally, if you purchase a stamp and a stamp case at the same time,
you will receive a stamp mat as a gift🎁✨

December 26, 2023 (Wednesday) 17:00~

▼Special website▼

#フリーレン [Frieren]
#痛印 [Ita-in]

Itaindou's website lists the following Frieren hanko you can choose from:

  • Two types of Frieren
  • Fern
  • Stark
  • Himmel
  • Heiter
  • Eisen
  • Sein
  • Flamme
  • Aura
  • Mimic

Each hanko has a diameter of 18mm, features the anime series logo on the side, and can have your name engraved alongside the featured character. Each hanko is on the pricey end at 4,620 yen each (about US$29.61), but it can be personalized with your name and feature your favorite Frieren character. The cases also come in a light blue or dark blue variant and have the Frieren logo printed on them for 2,970 yen (about US$19.03) each.

Image via Itaindou
Image via www.itaindou.com
Image via www.itaindou.com
Image via www.itaindou.com
Image via www.itaindou.com
Image via www.itaindou.com
Image via www.itaindou.com
Image via www.itaindou.com
Image via www.itaindou.com
Image via www.itaindou.com
Image via www.itaindou.com

Image via Itandou

The official X/Twitter account for Frieren shared an image of the hanko in use. The image included in the post features the Mimic, second Frieren variant, and Aura stamps used on what appears to be an official Shonen Sunday proofreading finalization form.

Aura Seal


Itaindou announced on X/Twitter on June 7 that it would release a second part, though it did not reveal any other information on it.

The second set of ita-in hanko for Frieren: Beyond Journey's End will be released and new characters will be added!🪄✨

Please stay tuned for further updates!🙌

#フリーレン [Frieren]

The website notes the hanko can be used as a seal for mail deliveries, at banks, and some city halls. Like many other collaboration items, Itaindou does not ship overseas. Nevertheless, The Frieren: Beyond Journey's End hanko by Itaindou is an interesting gift for any fan of the series.

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