IGPX - ANN Talks to the Producers and Director

Starting on November 5th of this year, Cartoon Network will be debuting what they think will be the first in a long line of innovative programming. A co-production with Production IG, Immortal Grand Prix (or IGPX for short) is the first time the network has worked with a Japanese studio to create an original series.

During this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Anime News Network was lucky to get the opportunity to chat with the producers and director of IGPX. We'll be posting the interviews as a series of three parts: the first half of the interview with Toonami producer Sean Akins and Toonami writer/producer Jason DeMarco. Then on Thursday, we'll post the last half of the interview. Finally on Sunday, we'll post an interview with director Mitsuru Hongo from Production IG.

We're pretty excited about these interviews, so we hope you'll enjoy it too!

Part 1: IGPX producer Sean Akins (right) and writer/producer Jason DeMarco (left)

Part 2: Interview with Akins and DeMarco
Interview with Mitsuru Hongo, Maki Terashima, and Sean Akins

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