AnimeOnline network adds additional resources

posted on 1999-05-06 00:00 EDT

AnimeOnline Network (no relation) will be adding three additional online resources as well as a partnership to its rather large web circle, which currently includes 10 domains offering anime-related services.

AON has finalized a partnership with Maktos Translations, a company dedicated to Japanese to English translation, and added translator and reporter Matt McDevitt to its staff. McDevitt will write a new column that will teach anime fans the steps to learning and translating Japanese. "Everyone is different...the column will address the different learning styles of different types of people," said McDevitt. "No one will be left out. It will help fans get started and stay with them whole way, allowing them to make steady progress." The column is slated to begin this month.

Anime Webmail, an extention of the previously available Animemail e-mail forwarding service, will offer a fully funcitional web-based mailbox (similar to Hotmail or to the fan community. Animemail has been enormously successful, and Anime Webmail will offer the same selection of domain names.

Similarly, Anime Redirect will be a new service to offer redirection for web sites, similar to the domains currently available. The service debuted on April30th, and recorded over 200 entries in only the first day. The service is targeted towards web pages that have a long address, such as those on Geocities.

Finally, Anime Auctions, which is currently in final development, will offer an anime-related goods auction service similar to eBay. The service, which will be free, will offer options such as seller information pages, buyer feedback, and automatic bidding.

AnimeOnline Network was created two years ago to provide a central location for infromation and resource to anime fans. It currently pulls in over 9000 visitors per day.

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