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  • Tsunami Fansubs announced that its public script of the second episode of the Ruroni Kenshin OAV series can now be downloaded from their web site (, and the first episode script has been revamped slightly to flow better with the second. Fansub fans are asked by Sony not to circulate fansubs of this show, but script distribution for personal use is always acceptable. The group also announced their release of Macross Special episodes 3-4 scripts.

  • MDC Heavy Industries announced their completion of Devilman Lady volume one, Cutey Honey Flash movie and the second Doctor Slump movie ("Hoyoyo! Great Space Adventure"), and are now working on more Devilman Lady, the first volumes of Kero Kero Chime and Battle Team Akihabara, and the original 1974 Hurricane Polymar TV series. MDC also announced that their sister distribution effort, Mindcorp Fansub Distribution, will be shutting down immediately due to pressures on the group members.

  • TechnoGirls announced their completion of Memolu in the Pointed Hat, a compilation of the first 8-episodes of the 50-episode TV series that ran in the early 80's. (The TV show was also dubbed and released on video in the United States as "Wee Wendy".) TechnoGirls warns that this anime does not look like stamdard anime, and is closer in appearance to European works.

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