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posted on 1999-10-18 00:00 EDT (formerly Syco Distribution), one of the biggest anime distribution (not licensing) houses in the country, announced the formation of a new division, Otaku Music USA, which will license and distribute anime and video game soundtracks. In a press release last week, the company announced plans to start distributing popular anime soundtracks in America for a substantially lower price than traditional imports.

Whereas traditional imports currently run about $30 each, this new division hopes to price its discs from $9.99 to $14.99 for single discs, and $17.99 to $34.99 for boxed sets. The division also hopes to release CD singles of materials such as opening themes and other popular songs.

CEO Sy Picon stated, "A recent poll taken at a leading Anime convention this year revealed an overwhelming number of Anime fans (over 95%) would purchase Anime soundtracks if available in the U.S. The Otaku Music USA division was formed to capitalize on the incredible opportunity to deliver these soundtracks at a deep discount to imports and rapidly capture share at future Anime conventions."

SyCoNet.Com also owns Alternative Video Warehouse, who consistantly attends cons with one of the largest booths and most merchandise of any vendor in attendance.

The press release went on to announce plans to aquire 500 to 700 soundtrack licenses, a process that will begin with its first licenses and production commencement within the next 60 days. Distribution will take place through several wholesalers, internet sites, and other venues, and the company is in the process of putting together a sales team for natiowide coverage.

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