Bandai Entertainment Announces Release of Silent Mobius TV Series

posted on 1999-11-11 00:00 EST

Yesterday, Bandai Entertainment announced that the 1st VHS volume of the 13-volume, Silent Mobius TV series will go on sale across North America on Feb. 8th, 2000. English dubbed (suggested retail price of $19.98) and subtitled (suggested retail price of $24.98) versions of Vol. 1, "Decisions'', will feature episode one and two of series.

The stage for Silent Mobius is in 2024 A.D., Earth is under attack from shape-shifting demons called the Lucifer Hawk. Rally Cheyenne and her hand-picked band of super-powered women, The Attacked Mystification Police (AMP), are out to combat the Lucifer Hawk and their attacks on our dimension. Over the years, the Lucifer Hawk's killings have been on a steady rise, which concerns Rally. However, Rally has just sent for the orphaned Katsumi Liquer, a modest ordinary young woman who does not know the power she can wield against the demons' savagery. Katsumi, herself, is unaware of the real reason Rally has sent for her, but the truth concerning her lineage and her life's calling is about to be thrust upon her whether she wants it or not.

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