Trouble at Anime Expo 2000

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On Sunday, July 2nd at 9am Anaheim Police raided several Booths at AX including Viz, Kitty (Media Blasters Hentai Division), Pioneer, ADV, Hemeya Soft (Hentai Software Company) and Bandai.

Several of these companies were told to remove some of their products from AX, Hemeya Soft was in fact ordered to close their booth and vacate Disney property.

There are also reports of fan artists not being allowed to display their paintings it the Anime Expo Art Show.

One artist who's painting "contained no more exposed skin than the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue" was subject to the removal order because the painting was deemed "too suggestive". Apparently Disney threatened to shut down the Art show if the paintings were not removed.

Anime Expo had previously informed Fan Artists that "their fears of running afoul of Disney were groundless".
Booth operators on the other hand were made to sign a contract stating "...exhibitor may not display material depicting nudity or sexual conduct unless it is blinded (covered) or displayed in such a way that it cannot be viewed by minors. Adult material must not be accessible to minors in any way."

Over the next week will attempting to interview the major parties involved. Any information you may have relating to this issue would be highly welcome, please e-mail us at:

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