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As Stated by Cookie in his report of Anime Expo 2000 days 2 and 3, Bandai has confirmed that The Vision of Escaflowne will be broadcast on FOX this Fall. Previously there had been some confusion as to whether or not FOX had the rights to Escaflowne because no official statement had been made although rumours were abound.

In terms of editing in the show, Bandai executives said it would be changed to meet FCC broadcast standards and FOX' standards and practices; the edits are out of Bandai's hands.

There has been word that the music in the series will be "upgraded". There is no word whether or not musician Yoko Kanno would be involved with the musical "upgrade".

There is some fear among the anime fans that The Vision of Escaflowne might be hacked in the same manner as Card Captor Sakura. (Different music, series aired out of order, scenes cut out, the female main character being overshadowed by the male characters, etc...)

Should FOX edit The Vision of Escaflowne more than fans deem acceptable there will always be Bandai's release of an unedited The Vision of Escaflowne on DVD at a later time.


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