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We recieved an e-mail today from Jumex, about the efforts to bring a lengthy, but very intense series called "Legend of Galactic Heroes" to America.

Chris of AnimeOnDVD has declared this a "pet project", so it's certain to gain momentum!

Jumex's e-mail describes the situation best, so here's what he said:

Many of you have heard of Legend of the Galatic Heroes (LoGH). It is an epic saga about the struggle of two military geniuses. A wonderful and under promoted series. Our fanbase is small in America AND Japan. What I am e-mailing you about today is a petition to bring LoGH over to the United States commercially.

Some of you that were at the LoGH Panel at AX2K (cookie3 was there if I recall right, :p~) when the producer mentioned that if he could prove that enough of America would want LoGH he would spend more money to increase the liscening effort. This is the goal of the petition, with a target number of 10,000 people signing it.

The link to the petition is: which is on the Legend of the Galatic Heroes Information Center, the best English site dedicated to this series.

Thank you again for your time and effort.

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