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World's Biggest Underground Comic Convention

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The 58th Comiket, the world's largest international underground comic convention, was held on August 13th and 14th. The convention, which is also called "comic market", is sponsored by the Tokyo Comic Market and drew an estimated 400 000 (each day) people who came to see and hear guests such as Murata Range (Blue Submarine No. 6 creator), Tsukasa Kotobuki (Street Fighter author) and Minami Ozaki (Bronze Zetsuai) as well as some 40 000 exhibits.

Comiket provides a means for underground/amateur comic artists and doujinshi artists to publicize their works as well as meet with each other and their fans. In the past many artists have been recruited from Comiket to enter the world of commercial Anime and Manga production, other who have not 'graduated' return to Comiket year after year for the experience. Past 'graduates of Comiket include SAIMON FUMI, SONODA KEN'ICHI, MANABE JOHJI, ISHII HISAICHI, TAKAHASHI RUMIKO, ASARI YOSHITOH, KOUGA YUN and CLAMP. Comiket continues today as prime recruiting ground for scouts from commercial Anime and Manga companies who hope to sign next year's big talent.

Comiket has been running twice a year since 1976 when it was founded by three students, Harada Teruo (Chairman), Aniwa Jun and Yonezawa Yoshihiro as a result of their protests against poor organization at 'Manga Taikai', one of the times national manga fan events.

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