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The first episode of Escaflowne to be shown of Fox aired earlier today. As reported the first episode was skipped completely. Fox broadcast "Episode 1: The Girl from the Mystic Moon" which is actually the second episode of Escaflowne, originally titled "The Girl from the Illusory Moon".

In order to explain Hitomi's pressence on Gaea parts of the first episode were added into this episode. In particular the appearance of Van and the dragon and Hitomi's transportation to Gaea, as well as a brief description of Hitomi's friends on earth, are spliced into the second episode at various points as flashbacks.

Another important change within the episode itself is the presentation of violence and its concequences. Most signs of blood have been eliminated from Escaflowne, however the conflicts remain. "Anytime someone is attacked, they never actually show them being hit. Instead they show them aiming, firing, and then cut to the victim falling to the ground. We never see the weapon actually hitting them, piercing their body, or making them bleed. Nor do their bodies afterwards show much visible signs of damage." It has been stated that references to the consumption of ancohol will be edited in a similar manner.

Other noteable changes include the shortening of some scenes in order to make room for the scenes from episode one, and, sure to be a large dissapointment to many fans, the music within the episode as well as the opening and ending credits has been changed. It was previously reported that no music within Escaflowne would be changed.

Cryptochrome also states that he feels that many of the changes, while seemingly minor, had an effect on the flow of the actual episode, detracting from the overall quality of Escaflowne.

Cryptochrome will be providing a weekly report/review/editorial on the fox episodes of Escaflowne at

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