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Since Saturday's broadcast of Escaflowne on Fox Kids, a number of websites have popped into existance, giving detailed descriptions of changes and individual opinions of the dub of the series. Some are quite detailed, while others are more condensed, yet all are worth reading.

Escaflowne Episode 2: A Comprehensive Look - A relaxed website, listing every change between the original Escaflowne Episode 2, and the Fox Kids' broadcast Escaflowne Episode. This site is EXTREMELY comprehensive, including lists of exactly when in the show the cuts occur and how long the cuts take.

Fantasticon's Anime Channel contains a brief review by Ken. Fantasticon has plans for an interview with Fox Kids later this week. Hopefully the interview will answer some of the unresolved questions surrounding the Escaflowne broadcast.

Anihabara has an article in their US News page briefly stating RZetlin's opinions on the series.

And finally, as we previously mentioned, The Escaflowne Report will have episode-by-episode opinions by Cryptochrome.

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