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The fourth DVD Volume of the Kenshin TV series (False Prophet) should be in stores by the end of November. The DVD will include the artwork of the 17 winners of the Kenshin Fanart contest.

The DVD and VHS of volume 3, Shadow Elite, are now in stores, as well as the fourth VHS colume.

They also posted the answers to two very common questions regarding whether or not Kenshin and Rayearth would be released as Box sets. Kenshin will not be released in any box set format, however the Rayearth Boxset for DVD is scheduled for April 2001.

Media Blasters have completed the corrections to the first DVD volume of Kenshin (Legendary Swordsman) and are now duplicating a new set of DVDs. Anyone who has the defective discs can mail them to Media Blasters for replacements. Replacements are expected to begin shipping in the first week of December.

Media Blasters
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