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Is VHS a thing of the future's past?

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As we mentionned in our AKA-KON update, Bandai spokes-guy Jerry Chu made some interesting comments about the future of VHS subs, or lack thereof, "If you want subs you'll find them on the DVD's only. You'll find VHS, but it'll be only for mainstream titles."

Bandai has already released the first Anime DVD only release with Tanamonya Voyagers, and according to Anime on DVD it seems that they are concidering another DVD only release with their upcoming release of Crest of the Stars, a 13 episode TV series.

Jerry's "You'll find VHS, but it'll be only for mainstream titles" statement may have more meaning than some people first attributed to it. That half of the statement does not refer to VHS Subs, but VHS in general, it would seem that Bandai is looking at DVD only releases of more of its titles, reserving VHS-Dub releases only for it's biggest titles such as Gundam.

We all knew that this was coming, it's only a matter of time till VHS goes the way of Beta, the 8-track and casette tapes, and it would seem that time is almost upon us.

So, if you don't already have a DVD player, maybe you want to drop some hints for Christmas?

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