CyberSix Season 2 Petition

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According to the official Cybersix FAQ available here, if "a great number of the viewers request [a second season], there maybe a possibility of creating the next season."

To that end, Vincent Frédérick has created a Petition to encourage TMS to do so.

The petition statement reads:

The official CYBERSIX website has created a FAQ at which clearly states that if enough people write in, they will consider creating a second season, but only if enough people want it. I have searched the internet and haven't come across a petition, so I have taken it upon myself to start one. We need to see more of this wonderful series which is created by the talents of Japanese artists and Canadian audio producers. Please, spread the word, we need all the signatures we can get! (But please only sign once.) Please mention it on your webpages, we all have to work together to make this happen.

If you wish to sign the petition, here is the URL:[email protected]$2

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