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Eirias of recently posted the following rec.arts.manga:

Watsuki (Kenshin) Nobuhiro, after a long ass silence, starts a new series. Gun Blaze West, set in 1785 in Illinois, which I was unaware ever had that one street desert town cliche, though to his credit it is surrounded by forest. Has not made a favorable impression on me so far, I'm afraid; like Kenshin, it starts with mooks and comedy, but unlike Kenshin, there aren't any characters I instantly like. There's a chick, but she looks like she doesn't swallow, and this unshaven dude named Marcus, who gets the crap kicked out of him and steals his food. He's a decent shot, but is hampered since this kid had his gun. The kid is probably the basic problem here. Yahiko survived all the scrappy kid problems by being so weirdly intense, and then winning. While I respect Nobuhiro for pistol whipping a nine year old like, 15 times in a single issue, it doesn't exactly make me give a ---- about the little loser. I want to root for the main characters, not cover my eyes in embarrassment as they pathetically loose. I suspect he'll get a couple of volumes to figure out what works, and hopefully it'll get as interesting as Kenshin, but I'd hoped for slightly more from him

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