Fantasticon: Project Otaku

posted on 2000-12-29 09:23 EST
Ken-San over at Fantasticon Anime has started a new feature on the site called Project Otaku.

I'm sure there are people who have wanted to bring someone, a close friend or an associate into the fold of anime. Well we're taking 2 volunteers who know next to nothing about anime, and have all of the anime fans out there influence there growth as anime fans. They've already been given a few titles to watch over the Christmas break and they'll be posting their reactions to their first taste of anime.
After the first of the year, there will be polls about what their next titles should be as far as television series. This project is fueled totally by fan interaction, and it will die without their support.

More details and volunteer introductions can be found at the Project Otaku webpage.

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