Top 10 Japanese News Events of the Century

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The 26th issue of Asahi Shimbun has presented a list of the 20th
century's domestic (Japan) top ten news events. The broadcasting of Astro Boy in 1963 was selected in the culture and art division.

The full list is as follows:

1907 NATSUME Soseki, novelist, resigns as professor of Tokyo
University and joins Asahi to selialize his novel "Gubijin-So".

1024 HIJIKATA Kumiji forms a western-style theater and a dramatic

1933 KOBAYASHI Takiji, novelist and Marxisist, is tortured to death
by police.

1948 MISORA Hibari, Japanese legendary female singer, makes a debut.

1951 KUROSAWA Akira gets the grand-prix for "Rashomon" at Venetia
Film Festival.

1953 TV broadcasting starts in Japan.

1963 Tezuka begins airing of "Astro Boy".

1968 KAWABATA Yasunari, novelist, gets the Nobel prize.

1970 MISHIMA Yukio, novelist, performs harakiri (ritual suicide) at the center building of Japanese Self Defence Force

1999 OZAWA Seiji, conductor, takes office as music supervisor at
Vienna National Opera Theater.

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